Gulf of Mexico

Marine ecologist Nancy Rabalais has been working for nearly 30 years to track the Gulf of Mexico's dead zone, and was recently awarded a $500,000 MacArthur "Genius" Fellowship.

'Genius' Award Winner Hunts Down Dead Z...

The dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico has been as large as the state of New Jersey.


This map shows the percentage of days that a particular area had snow in North America from October 1, 2011 - March 20, 2012.

NASA Maps Show Lack of US Snow

Less snowpack makes spring floods less likely.

Oceans and Seas

Seals with tracking instruments in Antarctica

New Source Found For Cold, Deep Antarct...

Seals help scientists find a new source for cold, deep ocean water.

Deep Oceans

Colonization of deep-sea wood by various organisms.

Wood from Land Feeds Deep Sea Life

Two new species were found on the deep sea wood.


amsterdamn frozen canal

Deep Freeze Turns Amsterdam Canals into...

Young and old flocked to the frozen canals over the weekend, as seen in this video.

Atlantic Ocean

A NOAA map showing the typical path of the Gulf Stream, with warm water appearing red, which skirts well south of New England.

Gulf Stream Diverted More Than 100 Mile...

The re-routed stream heated deep water off New England by 12 degrees Fahrenheit.


Grand Canyon flood test 2008

Restorative Flood in Grand Canyon Start...

Gusher from Glen Canyon Dam will restore beaches, fish habitat along Colorado River.


Jame Cameron Dive infographic

Into the Deep: James Cameron's Mariana ...

Where he's diving and how his submersible looks.

Coral Reefs

Pillar coral stand in the Upper Keys with blue-headed wrasse (yellow fish).

66 Coral Species Nominated for Endanger...

Most of the corals live in the Pacific.

Pacific Ocean

A habitat map developed by the Oregon coast seafloor mapping project near Cape Arago.

New Maps Unlock Seafloor Secrets Off Or...

New ocean floor maps could improve understanding of tsunami threat.


3D sonar view of the USS Hatteras from the vessel's port (left) side. More than half the hull lays buried in sediment. The curved tooth-like outline to the right is the remains of the stern and rudder.

New 3D Map of Civil War Shipwreck Relea...

The Hatteras was the only Union ship to sink in the Gulf of Mexico.


Great Salt Lake Causeway

Tiny Organisms Turn Great Salt Lake Pink

Strange microbes eek out a living in a super-salty Utah lake.

Arctic Ocean

Arctic sea ice melt pond

Why Arctic Sea Ice Melts So Quickly

The dazzling blue melt ponds that dot the Arctic sea ice speed up melting.


Japan Tsunami Effects on Fisheries

Fisheries Another Victim of Japan Tsunami

Turbulence may have washed many animals away.