Endangered Species

A wolverine hangs out on some rocks.

Wolverines May Be Listed as Endangered

Wolverines attack and kill animals many times their size, but climate change is a bigger threat.

Newfound Species

The ovipositor of the female wasp, which helps her penetrate the walls of the spider igloo nest.

2 Newfound Wasps Parasitize Ant-Eating ...

The wasps lay eggs on the bodies of ant-eating spiders.


Pea aphids.

Like Cats, Aphids Land on Feet After Fa...

Like defenestrated cats, falling aphids usually land on their feet.


An image of the Earth taken by the European satellite MSG-3, released on Aug. 7, 2012.

Most Species on Earth Could Be Recorded...

Extinction rates lower than thought, study finds, though not everyone agrees.


Trajectory of dust plumes crossing Pacific Ocean

Microbes Hitch Rides Across Ocean on Du...

Many more species transported through atmosphere than thought.



WhaleWatch: New Program Could Help Prot...

The program is based on data from hundreds of tagged whales.

Invasive Species

California Annual Flowers

Survival Odds Grim for Native Plants Fi...

Native plants increasingly isolated and vulnerable.


Gawkers gathering to see Cornell's corpse flower in bloom

Watch Live: Stinky Corpse Flower Blooming

Too bad smell-o-vision hasn't been invented.


The mako shark, with GPS tag attached.

World's Fastest Shark Treks Epic Distances

The shortfin mako is the world's fastest shark.


Haleakala silversword

Climate Change Threatens Spectacular Ha...

Once a conservation success story, the rare Haleakalā silversword plant is dying off as weather patterns shift on Maui.


A section of the Amazon rainforest, after a shower.

Ecuadorian Tribe Vows to 'Die Fighting'...

The tribesmen feel their chief sold them out.


A redback spider-hunting wasp (Agenioideus nigricornis) dragging its paralyzed prey back to its nest.

Killer Spider Meets Its Match in Tiny Wasp

The wasp eats redback spiders, which are related to Black Widows.