Exploration and Explorers

sunglint, astronaut photo, sunglint water

'Sunglint' Silhouettes Northeast Coast ...

Sunlight reflects off mirrorlike water off the coast of the United States in this photo.


Chile's Villarrica volcano

Volcano's 'Infrasound' Roar Is a Weathe...

Measuring wind speed with infrasound from one of the world's loudest volcanoes.


Mosaic of satellite images of an Arctic storm

Arctic CSI: Cyclone Absolved in Record ...

A massive Arctic storm did not contribute to last year's record sea ice melt, scientists find.


The Halley VI Research Station at night, with the Southern Lights visible in the sky.

New Antarctica Research Station Sets Up...

The station can be raised above snow and moved to avoid becoming part of an iceberg.

Earths Interior

A schematic cross section of the Earth's interior below oceanic ridges shows the conditions of magma generation.

Crushing Rocks Reveals Magma Mantle Mys...

Geologists destroy gems to discover how magma melts 150 miles below Earth's surface.


Scientists in seismology lab

Earth Is 'Lazy' Along Some Earthquake F...

Earth's crust takes the path of least resistance when a fault bends.


The Tower of London on the River Thames.

2012 London Olympic Torch Route: Final ...

Find out what amazing sights lie along the final week of the torch relay!

National Parks

Zumwalt Prairie

New US Natural Landmarks Relics of Amer...

Both are ecosystem that used to be more widespread.


Dust storm strikes Gobi Desert

Image: Dust Storm Strikes Gobi Desert

NASA satellite captures dust storm in Asia's largest desert.


Mount Rainier at sunrise

Dreamy Image: Mount Rainier Glows at Su...

Enjoy this beautiful sunrise photo.


Grand Canyon aerial topography

Grand Canyon Carved by Flood? Geologist...

Geologist says ancient lake didn't play a role as a deep playa.


Aerial photograph of western spruce budworm outbreak at Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon.

Satellites Spy Beetle Attacks on Forests

The program demonstrates that the decline is caused by several insects.


Meltwater stream on the Greenland ice sheet.

Greenland Ice Melt Accelerating

Greenland loses 200 gigatons of ice each year.



A Free Hike: National Forests To Drop Fees

Many trailheads, daily recreation sites and general forest areas soon to be free.


Sandy Island

How a Fake Island Landed on Google Earth

Human errors and a pumice raft may be behind the 'undiscovered' Sandy Island.


Cavers explore Munchkin Land

New Secret Passages Discovered in Carls...

Explorers uncover deepest pit ever found in Lechuguilla Cave.